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As spring has arrived and summer is that much closer, it is much easier to go out and spend money so freely.

People flock to patios to relax with a few friends, over a few drinks and food, or buying a new summer wardrobe, or just the daily things that can occur when the weather is nice and we just want to be outside. See in the winter, I am perfectly fine with staying at home, having a nice hot drink, and relaxing. So, since summer is almost here, we should all adjust our budgets to ensure that we allow ourselves the appropriate entertainment money value to ensure we stay balanced.

It is so easy to spend a good 60-80$ at a patio with a few friends, or $100 on a few new tops and bottoms, even a trip to starbucks can total up to $10. Of course there are many things to do in the summer that are free, or little cost such as park picnic, going to your local beach, outside events hosted by your city, or just getting outside for a walk.


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