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Canada’s Economic Situation

Being interested in personal finances (compared to corporate finances for example), I read a lot of news, articles, and publications on current situations. The following information has been gathered from

We often hear about the current status of the United States, mainly because of the popularity of the country, the recent election of Barack Obama, and the crisis that they are truly in. However, they are not the only country that is facing economic turmoil; Canada is also facing many hardships as a country and as individuals.

The current jobless rate in Canada is now reaching 7.7 percent, and during the month of February alone there were approximately 82, 000 job losses.  Overall in the past for months, Canada has lost a total of 295, 000 jobs. This translates to an average of 73,750 each month for the last four months. This is really difficult times for everyone. 

As individuals, you can only prepare and equip yourself with the knowledge of your personal finances as well as being aware of minor changes that you can make in your daily life to save a few dollars here and there.


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