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Zero Dollar Days

Do you ever sit down and analyze which days you spend the most money? What about the days when you spend no money at all? Of course this does not include electricity, phone, cable, internet, water, etc. Zero Dollar days, in my opinion, refers to days where you don’t spend any actual money for goods.

Sometimes we just buy things for the sake of buying “stuff”, or to fill a void. If you pay close attention to your spending habits, you will most likely cut out a lot of your impulse spending. Personally, I try to have at least 8 zero dollar days per month.  Below you will find my zero dollar days for the month of March; you will notice that Saturday is the day when I spend money consistently, compared to Monday’s when I barely spend any money.



Try keeping track of your monthly zero dollar day, it may surprise you!


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Theory # 1

Sometimes we all feel that we never have enough money, or whatever we do have it will never be enough.

A while back, I was having a conversation about money with a close family friend who shared with me the following theory that he follows.

Man or women, we all carry either a wallet or a purse. When you open up your wallet and there is no money in your wallet, psychologically you will feel that you really have no money to your name. When you only see credit cards and other plastics, you will subconsciously believe that you are only in debt with no actual cash. However, if you carry a small amount of money, even 5 dollars you will feel that you have money and automatically your conscious will be more positive. The secret is that if you do have the few odd dollars in your wallet, it is not meant to be spent on an impulse item.

It may be a psychology trick; however I will follow any theory that makes me noticeably happier, or more positive.


My Wallet…..  



My Wallet with only 5 dollars in it, plus a few coins as well.



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