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Mother’s Day on a budget

 As Mothers day approaches and you are trying to figure out that perfect gift, it is important to keep your budget in mind. I truly believe that a gift that is picked with meaning and heart is far better than an expensive item that has no true meaning.

Below are some gift ideas that will allow you to spoil your mother while staying within your budget.

“Day” at the Spa:
Instead of sending your mother to the spa for the day, why not have her get one specialized treatment done. For example; just a facial or just a pedicure, something that she really wants. Also, why not support the local start-up spa that will generally have lower prices. It is important to remember the small businesses that are trying to operate within this tough time.
Average cost: $30-50

Surprise get together:
A perfect gift for your mother may be planning a surprise family get together. This is a really nice gesture and will be a memorable gift for the entire family to remember. Sometimes we all lose sight of what is really important in life, and some people believe that material gifts are more accepted. The only expenses for this gift are the food, drinks, and accessories.
Average cost: $ 30-50

Personally, I am not a huge movie fan however some people really enjoy sitting back and watching a movie. This could be a great opportunity to catch up and share a movie with your mother.
Average cost: $30-40


3813l_classic-red-roses-bouquetFlowers with a twist:
Give mom beautiful hand picked flowers from your own garden. Some people may find this really tacky, however it allows you to customize every aspect and pick her favourite flowers and colours.
Average cost:$5



Homemade gift basket:
Although a really nice gift, gift baskets purchased from a store/online can be really expensive. Why not create your own gift basket and pick items that your mom will love. Some ideas for homemade gift baskets are: books, teas, coffees, flower seedlings, photo albums, knitting material, creams, and beauty products. Anything is possible, and it allows you to customize every aspect from the actual product to the tissue paper used.
Average cost: $30-50

Maid for the Day:
Generally, mothers are constantly cleaning the homes, making sure everything is organized, structured, vacuumed etc. So why not give mom a break and you be the maid for the day.
Average Cost: $0

Other Mothers Day items:
Hand made jewelry
Family Portrait
Homemade Dinner
Homemade CD with her favourite music
Collection of her favourite recipes

There is no price for a Mother’s love, however it a much nicer gesture to show your Mother she is appreciated than buying a gift that only has financial value.


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