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Probably one of the most used words in society lately, however many of us may be thinking we could use a bailout right about now.
As we recover from our holiday (over)spending, and creep into summer where we enjoy doing day trips, family trips, week long getaways etc., now is the time to really create a summer budget for yourself and your family.

Summer really is the time where the most freedom is felt with hot, sunny days, and warm starry nights…this is the perfect time to escape hibernation and have some fun. In my personal experiences, summer is the time to rekindle the family bond with exciting adventures, yet it is also possible to be frugal and smart with your money. It is important to remember to live within your means and what is available to you at this moment, and be aware of your financial situation before making any concrete plans.

Recently engaged, my fiancé and I wanted to venture out and take a vacation for ourselves sometime within 2009.  Being slightly structured myself, I always try to plan and determine a general outline of what we have happening in the near future. This does not mean I am not spontaneous, it just means that we have a general understanding and guidelines of what to expect for the upcoming year. So, one of our “resolutions” coming into 2009, was to create a separate expense category for our future planned vacation. Each week since the beginning of the year we have set aside a small portion of our income that we have allocated to this category. This has allowed us to be fully prepared for when we do take our vacation, and doing this we will not have to rack up credit card debt.

It really is this simple! If you create a guideline of major purchases/events that the future year will hold, you can create an expense category where you allocate money on a bi-weekly basis (or however your pay cheque is calculated) and when the time comes to enjoy your adventure, there will be no financial crisis. Doing this will lead to a more enjoyable getaway where you can truly relax and not think about your minimum monthly payments to your credit card company once you get back from your adventure.


March 9, 2009 - Posted by | Savings

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