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Recently graduated, I am just stepping foot into my career path with hopes of a successful future. I became interested with finance, specifically personalized budgets when I was quite young. I always had a natural ability to budget the money I did have (even if it was only 20 dollars) and realize that money is something that is earned, not granted. As a child I delivered the local newspaper to earn a small amount of money, this really taught me at a young age the value of money. My parents illustrated to me that a portion of my money should be saved, and a portion can be spent. Of course, at such a young age there was really nothing I would purchase other then the odd gumball or hair accessory.


This is the basics of money; you analyze your income, distribute it to the appropriate place and create a balanced budget. This really provided me the foundation required to manage money, I then went on to a real part-time job while I was still in school, and now I am employed Full Time, yet still practice the foundations of my childhood.


Since I have been exposed to the financial world, my observations scare me. We, as a society have become what I like to call “void fillers”. We buy “things” to fill our void within ourselves that feel empty. Sure it may be a generalization; however it is accurate for the greater part of the population. Mixed with the role models that we have today for younger people, the celebrities that have the ability to buy essentially anything that they want, we fall into this path of trying to live a life that is not meant for us.

I do not live an expensive life, I purchase the essentials to survive comfortably, and I save/invest to create a brighter future for myself and my family. I collect coupons, I search for deals, I buy items that are on sale 90% of the time, and I usually do not buy brand name articles. If I did the opposite of what I am doing, of course I would be in a situation that would cause me stress, anxiety, and a bleak future. It is my interest in life to analyze and create personalized budgets that are sustainable and enable the person to save a substantial amount of their money for their future.







February 18, 2009 - Posted by | Introduction

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